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A new app, due to be released for iOS in November, is getting a lot of attention in the media and online. Unfortunately, most of this attention isn’t positive. Peeple allows people to rate and review other people in three categories: personal, professional, and dating.


While Peeple is being marketed as a positivity app, many are nervous that it will be used for bullying and abusive behaviour. This fear may not be unfounded since Peeple doesn’t allow individuals to opt out of the system. In fact, the reviewer can sign up the person they’re reviewing simply by entering their cell phone number. To leave a review, users can provide a star rating as well as a written description explaining your rating. While the asymmetric nature of this system opens the door for bullying and abuse, Peeple’s creators claim there are safeguards against this type of behaviour.


Peeple claims to show support for anti-bullying by giving users the ability to report other users. In addition, the app won’t publish negative reviews for 48 hours, giving the person being reviewed an opportunity to work it out with the reviewer. If the negative can’t be turned into a positive, the person being reviewed can publicly defend him or herself once the review goes live. Finally, Peeple features a positivity rating for reviewers. This rating is based on how many positive versus negative reviews a user leaves for others.


Peeple’s creators claim that the app will help to enhance your online reputation and allow you to make more informed decisions about people. In a recent message on their website, they also stated that users deserve to protect their children and their biggest assets. They encourage people to check out the app and community, whether they love or hate the concept.


Despite the negative attention the app has received, investors don’t seem discouraged. Reports suggest that Peeple has already been valued at $7.6 million. In addition, the creators of the app have disclosed that they raised $250,000 in seed capital in two weeks. Users don’t seem deterred either—Peeple’s creators tweeted that they are receiving 100 sign-ups per minute for Beta testers.


Peeple will launch sometime in November but will be limited to San Francisco and Calgary to start. An Android version of the app is also currently in the works, according to Peeple’s website.


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