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MWC – Five Hot Announcements in Mobile

MWC – Five Hot Announcements in Mobile

If you were to zoom in on Barcelona right now from a satellite image, you’d likely see tech geeks everywhere. The Mobile World Congress is under way, and the announcements are flowing. Here are our 5 favourite things so far:

1. HTC


We love the One M8, but our annoyances were with the camera and the slippery feel of it (ours has quite a few bumps from the slips!). With the flagship One M9 phone they look to have addressed many issues, particularly with the 20 mexapixel camera. We can’t wait to test it out! There’s also an HTC Grip fitness tracker and Vive VR headset that looks all kinds of awesome.

2. Samsung


The mobile giant stuttered last year with the S5 and they hope to get back to form with the S6. It gets rid of some of their standard plus-points (removable battery, MicroSD slot) for a more focused and refined design (reminiscent of a certain fruit company, many might say). Also of note is the Galaxy Note Edge’s side design coming to both sides on the S6 Edge. Lefties rejoice!

3. Sony


Thin and sexy, the Xperia Z4 Tablet looks like a real treat. This could be THE Android tablet to get, the specs and screen are impressive. Bafflingly, there’s no Z4 phone but a mid-range Sony M4 Aqua phone which looks elegant.

4. Mozilla and Lenovo

Yeah, we there’s two options but we can’t pick! Mozilla threw a Firefox OS event where they announced flip and slider phones. It’s geared for emerging markets and we’re looking forward to trying out the OS in particular.


Also, Lenovo announced a Vibe Shot seen above (which looks like a camera more than a phone) and the A700…the world’s first smartphone to carry Dolby Atmos. Our own resident Lenovo fanboy, Andy Baryer, is giddy at the thought of Lenovo smartphones.

5. Google mobile service


Google announced that they’re looking to launch their own mobile service which is huge news. Citing a desire to have “hardware, software and connectivity together”, Google’s Sundar Pichai pretty much confirmed that Google will now have their own service. Google officially takes on telecommunications. We’re hoping it comes to Canada!

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