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App of the Week – Layout

App of the Week – Layout

Make Instagram-Friendly Collages with Layout

For a while now Instagram users have been using third-party apps to create and upload photo collages. Though these trusty collage apps have come in handy over the past few years, Instagram has now released its own collage app, called Layout. This new app provides a clean, intuitive interface and Facebook and Instagram integration. To get the most out of Layout you’ll need to allow the app to access your camera roll. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able choose photos from your camera roll to create collages with. To find the right photos, you can use in-app filters to see recent photos or photos with faces in them. Based on the number of photos you select, the app will suggest a number of collage layouts for you to choose from.

Layout gives you a lot of options for tweaking and customizing your collages after you’ve chosen your layout. You can resize each of the photos by dragging the borders between the photos. You can also pinch and zoom each of the photos and drag them around to reposition them. There are also three buttons along the bottom that let you replace, mirror, or flip a selected image.

After you’ve chosen your layout and it to suit your photos, you can upload the photos to Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks. If you choose to upload your collage to Instagram, the app will open and give you the opportunity to apply the usual filters before you post.

Layout is solid collage app that provides a better user experience than many third-party collage apps. Right now this app is only available on iOS, but an Android app is in the works and due to be released in the coming months.

iOS | Free

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