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1-Year Subscription To Netflix Contest Winners!

1-Year Subscription To Netflix Contest Winners!

netflix-gift-guide You Tweeted, with creativity, hilarity and love. All entrants were amazing, thank you all! But there can be ONLY five! The following tweets won our hearts, and will be awarded a 1 YEAR NETFLIX SUBCRIPTION!!! Thank you Netflix!!

  • MountainCat ‏@Birdophile Dec 1
    @GetConnectedNow #GCNetflixGiveaway I deserve a 1-yr Netflix subscription because I’m STREAM-ly fond of my movies.
  • Ellen Nyman ‏@ellensparky Nov 23
    I’ve been told I live under a rock because we don’t have Netflix. I’ll need a year to catch up! @GetConnectedNow #GCNetflixGiveaway
  • Josh S ‏@jnunavut Dec 16
    @GetConnectedNow I ask my Dad for Netflix for my bithday. He’s loosing his hearing. He gave me pick up sticks. great… #GCNetflixGiveaway
  • Tammy Dalley ‏@Tammykayv Dec 12
    @GetConnectedNow I need Netflix… it don’t care if I showered in two days and still wearing last night’s makeup 🙂 #GCNetflixGiveaway
  • au contraire sher ‏@swurlicurli Nov 22
    @GetConnectedNow if I don’t win #GCNetflixGiveaway & watch Downton Abbey I’ll have to do my other hobby …
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