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CES 2014: Wearable Tech, Cars & More…

Season 15 Episode 1 Thanks for joining GetConnected! In this episode bendable TVs, cars and more from CES2014, migrating from Windows XP and more with Mike Agerbo, Andy Baryer and AJ Vickery!

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Helicopter Battle, Computer Preparedness & More

Season 14 Episode 10 Today on GetConnected: Helicopter duels, headphones, and fixing sick computers.

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iPhone Controlled Helicopters, Stealth Ringtones, Android Buying Tips

Season 13 Episode 13 In this episode, hosts Tristan Jutras and Tasia Custode battle it out with iPhone controlled helicopters in a segment you won’t want to miss! Mike Agerbo shares tips for stealth ringtone settings and AJ Vickery gives

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