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I was recently reviewing my blog traffic and noticed something both interesting and quite surprising. If you’d like to increase your traffic have a birthday!

You many think I’m kidding, but there’s no sarcasm here my friends. On January 7th, after 2 weeks of very few contributions to my social media campaigns or my blog, my traffic spiked by almost 400%. I did not post anything to my blog that day, nor did do anything but make 2 personal updates to my increase Blog Traffic by posting on your birthdayfacebook page. So why did this happen? My theory is this…

Facebook put me in the spotlight for a day and consequently, I received measurable results. As many of you know, facebook features upcoming birthday’s on your friend’s home page feeds. There are also several apps ie: Birthday Calendar that tell you when your friends are having birthday’s. Because I’ve placed several links from my facebook profile page, back to my blog…people couldn’t resist clicking through and checking out what I’ve been up to (or at least writing about). Unfortunately for me, I chose to indulge in chocolate over the holidays instead of keeping up with my blog so I didn’t have anything new or exciting to report…shame on me. If I’d known how much traffic my blog would get on my birthday…I could have prepared a plethora of knowledge for that day. LOL.

So next time you’re thinking about how to increase your blog traffic, remember that your birthday just might be the most important day to post 😉

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