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App of the week – WiFiMapper

App of the week – WiFiMapper

Find Free WiFi Anywhere with WiFiMapper



If you’ve found yourself going over on your data plan you already know that it’s

beneficial to find WiFi whenever possible. With email constantly flooding your inbox

and many apps detecting your location as you move through your day, your smartphone

is often using data even if you’re not on it. Adding your use of apps and streaming video

can push you over your data limit quickly. With WiFiMapper you can find and use free

WiFi around you instead.


When you download WiFiMapper from the App Store, it will ask you to let it use your

location. If you allow the app to use your location, you’ll instantly see a map with green

dots showing you where the nearest WiFi hotspots are located. As you tap on each WiFi

marker, the app will display some basic information about the connection, such as

whether it’s password protected or not. You’ll also be able to scroll through user reviews

of that connection.


WiFiMapper also lets you type in an address or location to help you find hotspots around

a location you specify. This is a great tool for planning, allowing you to map out where

you’ll be able to use WiFi when you’re out or travelling. If you’re organized enough to

use this in advance of an overseas trip, WiFiMapper can help you figure out where you

can access WiFI without having to pay for a roaming package.


WiFiMapper is a community meaning that users can add information as they use it. To

help your fellow WiFi users get the most out of this app, you can leave comments and

reviews about a connection. For example, if you find that a connection isn’t actually free,

you can add that information so others won’t run into the same issue.


With WiFiMapper, you can take the pressure of your data plan and still enjoy using all

your favourite apps and streaming video.


iOS | Free

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