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App of the week – Twilight

App of the week – Twilight

Get A Better Sleep with Twilight


Ever find yourself lying wide-awake in bed even after a busy day? If you pay attention to

the patterns that lead up to this, you’ll likely find that the busy day you had led you to be

on your tablet, laptop, or smartphone much later than usual. Those screens emit bright

blue and white lights that can actually disturb your circadian rhythms and delay your

ability to fall asleep by up to an hour. Twilight is just the app to help you combat this.


Throughout the day, circadian rhythms regulate your sleepiness or wakefulness. These

rhythms follow a 24-hour cycle and respond primarily to light and dark. For this reason,

we often find it difficult to sleep in once the sun shines into our bedrooms and feel sleepy

or sluggish when it gets dark out. Not surprisingly, these rhythms are disrupted by light

the screens on our laptops, smartphones, and tablets emit. The bright white and bright

blue lights that are all too common on these screens have been proven to be the biggest

culprits in disrupting our sleep patterns.


Twilight was designed to help you get a better sleep at night by regulating the amount of

blue and white light being emitted by your smartphone or tablet screen throughout the

day. The app works by gradually applying a soft red filter to your display over the course

of the day. As the day wears on, the filter gets stronger and cuts down more and more of

the bright blue and white light. The intensity of the filter is based on the time the sun rises

and the time it sets where you live.


In addition to improving your ability to fall asleep, Twilight helps you reduce eyestrain.

The same bright white and bright blue lights that disrupt your sleep patterns can also

cause eyestrain. While there are other strategies to help you combat these, like avoiding

bright white backgrounds on your screens and wearing special glasses to tone down these

colours, having an app like Twilight running on your device can make your life a lot



If you find it difficult to tear yourself away from your devices in the evening or have

trouble taking breaks from screens throughout the day, Twilight might be worth a shot.

There’s not much to lose given that it’s free from Google Play.


Android | Free

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