Turn Your To-Do List into a Video Game with Quest

Turn Your To-Do List into a Video Game with Quest


iOS | $2.29


Like most people I often find myself procrastinating when it comes to tasks that I find daunting, tedious, or just plain unpleasant. While I love checking things off my to-do list, I find these tasks are the stragglers that seem to carry over for a few days before I finally complete them. The Quest app for iOS is trying to help those of us who suffer from chronic procrastination by turning our to-do lists into a video game.


Using a simple, intuitive interface Quest lets you enter tasks that you need to complete and automatically generates an 8-bit enemy to represent each task. As you might’ve guessed, your quest is to defeat your foe by completing the task. To help you in your mission, Quest lets you set reminders and makes it easy to “complete” tasks within the app. A quick swipe to the right marks a task as complete and rewards you with a green gem. As you complete more tasks, your Quest avatar will level up and gain access to new items and weapons. The app even lets you integrate your tasks into the Notification Center on your phone so you can easily check off tasks from your lock screen.


In addition to making creating and completing tasks easy, Quest brings a number of other features to the table. For example, the app lets you organize your tasks into categories such as to-do list or shopping list. You can even review all your completed tasks in the completed quest view.


All of these features are wrapped in an intuitive interface that adds an element of nostalgia to completing the tasks on your to-do list. Even if you didn’t grow up in the 8-bit era, you’ll find that getting thing done using Quest is a lot of fun.

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