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TeenSafe – CKNW Radio Show

TeenSafe – CKNW Radio Show

Today the internet gives you access to unlimited content. Believe it or not, the internet has only been around for 25 years and sometimes we don’t even know how we used to live without it before Wikipedia and Facebook. Since it’s a great source of potentiel leads it also turned into a valuable place for advertising, consequently you may find things you are not even looking for. If it’s not a real problem for adults it is definitely one for kids who may come across inappropriate content while they are playing online. Kids are easy prey since they are not aware of the kind of danger they could face from their own room and it’s not always simple for parents to be able to protect them from malevolent people.

Capture d’écran 2015-06-05 à 14.05.57

Fortunately some companies are specialized in creation of solutions to make sure kids are playing, chatting or browsing safely. But where is the limit between parental control for their kid’s good and privacy intrusion? TeenSafe is an online software dedicated to helping parents to protect their kids and its Chief Executive Officer is our guest for this week’s radio show. He will discuss about to monitor your kid’s activities on their smartphone and ensure it is always legitimate.

For more info tune into tomorrow’s GetConnected radio show!

When: 10am

Where: CKNW News Talk 980AM

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