Save Space and Clean Up Your Camera Roll with Gallery Doctor

Save Space and Clean Up Your Camera Roll with Gallery Doctor

Gallery Doctor

iOS, Android | $2.99

If you’re like most smartphone photographers, you take photos in duplicate or triplicate. Looking at that tiny screen, especially outside where it’s bright, can make it difficult to tell if your photo is blurry or if the angle is right, so we do the obvious thing and double or triple up in hopes that at least one picture will be a winner. Maybe you’re diligent and trash the ones that don’t work out right away but I sure don’t, which means I have a ton of unnecessary photos crowding my camera roll and taking up precious storage space. If you’re in the same boat as me, you might be interested in an app called Gallery Doctor that will help you quickly clean up those unnecessary photos.


Gallery Doctor is available for Android and iOS and once installed will require your permission to access your photos and send you notifications. Once you’ve given the app the permissions it needs, it will start scanning your photos at a rate of about 1,000 photos per minute. Once the scan is complete, the app will give you an overall score on the health of your gallery and will give you three categories of photos you need to review: “bad photos,” “similar photos,” and “for review.” When you review each category, you’ll be able to decide which photos to keep and which to trash.


In the “bad photos” category, you’ll have the option to go through each photo and trash them one by one or you can trash everything at once. In the “similar photos” category, the app will collect similar photos into groups and let you choose the best one, trashing the rest. Finally, the “for review” category collects questionable photos, allowing you to go through them Tinder-style and swipe left for ones you don’t like and right for ones you do like. As you delete photos in any category, the app will let you know how much space you’ve saved.


Over time, Gallery Doctor learns your preferences and begins to understand what you consider to be a good photo and what you consider to be a bad photo. To that end, I would recommend going through each category manually to start with. This will give the app the opportunity to learn your preferences while protecting your memories. Once you’re confident that it has learned what you like and don’t like, you can trash “bad photos” en masse!


If you’re running short on space or finding a lot of junk in your camera roll, give Gallery Doctor a try! It’s like spring cleaning for your phone and I’ll bet that you’ll find trashing a pile of bad photos just as satisfying as clearing a pile of junk out of your home.

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