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App of the week – PackPoint

App of the week – PackPoint

Get Packing with PackPoint


Summer is prime vacation season and for a lot of people that means taking trips.

Although going on a trip is exciting, packing for one can be a daunting and tedious

process. That’s where PackPoint for iPhone and Android comes in. PackPoint is designed

to make the process of packing easy and convenient.


PackPoint simplifies packing by giving you access to customizable packing templates. To

start a new packing list, you’ll need to provide the app with some basic information about

your trip. For example, you’ll need to specify whether it’s a business or leisure trip. After

that, you’ll need to tell the app where you’re travelling to and the dates of your departure

and return. Then select activities that you’ll be doing on your trip and tell the app whether

or not you’ll be able to do laundry during the trip and if you’d be willing to repeat

wearing basic pieces. Using this information, PackPoint will build a packing list that you

can customize by adding or removing items.


Stow organizes your packing list into categories so you can easily browse it. As you pack

items for your trip, you can tap on them within the app and they’ll disappear from your list.


PackPoint comes in two different flavours: a free and a premium version. While the free

version provides you with customizable templates, it is missing a few great features. For

basic trips, you probably won’t feel the need to upgrade. However, if you’d like to

customize the app by building templates for specific activities, for example, you might be

interested in the premium version. For example, if you’re going SCUBA diving on your

trip, you might want to add that as a custom activity so you can easily select this activity

and have items like a wetsuit and flippers automatically added to your list.


If you’re planning a bit trip this summer, use PackPoint to make packing easier on

yourself. Using this app will also help you to make sure you don’t forget to bring

something important.


iOS, Android | Basic-Free, Premium-$3.49

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