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App of the week – Outlook

App of the week – Outlook

Outlook for iOS and Android



Conquering your inbox can be a challenge at the best of times, especially if you’re on the

go and trying to do it on your mobile device. For most people, successfully conquering

their inbox means getting down to inbox zero where emails have been dealt with and

filed away or deleted. For a lot of people, that’s not realistic all the time but there are

apps that can help in the quest. The hottest email app right now is Microsoft Outlook, and

for good reason. The new Outlook app has brought a slew of unique features that will

have other email apps playing catch up for some time.


One of Outlook’s most useful features is the focused inbox. This focused inbox separates

the clutter in your inbox from the important items, similar to Gmail’s priority inbox. A lot

of us receive newsletters, social notifications, and promotions that we subscribe to but

don’t necessarily want to see pile up in our inbox. These items are a sort of gray email

gray area—they’re not spam but they’re certainly not a priority. The focused inbox offers

a middle ground to help you sort through these emails quickly. To start with the app will

filter emails from friends and conversations your part of into the focused inbox but you

can manually move things in and out. Outlook will learn as you do this so it will

eventually be able to sort things according to your individual preferences. You can still

view the messages that have not been sorted into your focused inbox by tapping on the

“Other” button.


If the focused inbox isn’t enough to get you down to inbox zero, Outlook allows you to

schedule follow-ups to emails, which is useful if you want to handle an email later, and

archive them using simple gestures. These gestures are customizable, so you can decide

what works best for you.


Another great feature of Outlook for mobile is the integrated calendar. Instead of having

to use a separate calendar app, you can now view your calendar within your email

app—just like on Outlook for desktop! Since you can add multiple email addresses to this

app, like work and personal, the integrated calendar also means you can access all your

calendar information in one place.


The Outlook app for iOS and Android also makes accessing files for attachments a snap.

With cloud integration Outlook makes it easy for you to quickly find files in Dropbox,

Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive without having to leave the app. You can also tap

the files icon at the bottom of the app to quickly view recent attachments you’ve sent or

received, making it easier for you to find and access them in a hurry.


Bottom line: the Outlook for iOS and Android app knocks it out of the park in terms of

functionality to help you stay organized. If you aspire to achieve inbox zero, this is just

the app that will help you get there. Incidentally, it also has a great user interface that’s

both attractive and easy to use. What more could you ask for from a mobile email app?


iOS, Android | Free

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