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App of the week – Hound

App of the week – Hound

Give Your Personal Voice Assistant More Complex Commands with Hound



We’ve all used personal voice assistants like Siri and Cortana and realized that they have

limitations when it comes to comprehension. While you can have a lot of fun asking these

apps questions and listening to their entertaining responses, when it comes to practical

questions you have to ask them in a very specific way in order to get a useful answer.

Hound is a new personal voice assistant that understands your questions in a way other

voice assistants don’t.


Hound not only recognizes the words you speak but also understands their contextual

meaning. Most voice assistants parse what you speak for vowels and consonants to turn

your speech into text. Once the speech is translated into text, they analyze the language.

This means that if the app doesn’t recognize those vowels and consonants properly, the

mistake is carried through to the language recognition process. By contrast, Hound

conducts both speech recognition and language analysis at the same time. This means you

get more accurate results results faster. It also analyzes the entire phrase as opposed to

just key words.


Using these advanced language analysis capabilities, Hound can understand complex

requests like ones that include negation. For example, you can give Hound commands

like “show me restaurants in Vancouver except those in Chinatown.” This means you can

speak to your voice assistant in a more natural manner and expect an accurate response.


Hound’s best feature is that it’s cross-platform. That means it will be available on both

Android and iOS, giving you a consistent experience across the two platforms. Hound is

available in Beta for Android devices form Google Play. An iOS version is currently

being developed and you can receive a notification when it’s ready for download by

signing up here. The only downside of this voice assistant is that it isn’t accessible using

a hard button, like the home button on the iPhone that activates Siri, making it a little less



Hound has the potential to revolutionize the way mobile voice assistants work, which

isn’t surprising given its creators have spent years perfecting the nuanced language

comprehension technology. All in all, it’s a big step in the right direction for personal

voice assistant apps.


Android, iOS (coming soon) | Free

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