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App of the week – Google Photos

App of the week – Google Photos

Get Free Unlimited Photo Storage with Google Photos

Google Photos

Google’s new photo storage app and service, Google Photos, is a straightforward yet

intelligent storage system for your photos. Google Photos provides seamless backups for

your photos and stores them in the cloud. It also automatically organizes them into



Google Photos can automatically back up your photos on your phone, provided you

enable this setting. It will store an unlimited number of photos, but there’s a bit of a catch

here: your photos can be up to 16MP. The app will let you choose between High Quality

and Original resolution. The High Quality resolution will automatically compress your

photos to 16MP or lower. Choosing the Original resolution option will let you store your

photos at their original size. If you choose this option you should be aware that photos

larger than 16MP will count against your Google account storage limits—your Google

account shares 15GB of space between your Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. If

you opt to store your photos at a higher than 16MP resolution, you can purchase extra

storage for your Google account at $2 per month for 100GB.


For most people who snap photos with their smartphone, the 16MP compressed photos

won’t be a problem. However, if you’re looking for a place to store your DSLR photos,

for example, you’ll want to look into a different storage solution for those large photos.


Google Photos comes with a feature called Assistant. Assistant comes with a robust

search function that can search and recognize items using simple keywords, like “dog,”

or “flower.” Photos don’t need to be tagged or labeled using these keywords, the app will

simple recognize the item you’re looking for and pull up all the photos with that item in

them. This means that you don’t have to elaborately label your photos to make them



Assistant also features Auto-awesome. This feature will automatically spruce up some of

your photos by making changes to lighting, adding filters, and even creating collages,

panoramas, and GIFs. These changes aren’t permanent, you can choose to retain the

photo in its original state or keep the Auto-awesome changes. You can also use it to

manually make edits and create some cool visuals like animated GIFS and collages.

Google Photos creates stories by curating photos from a certain location, event, or

holiday. It does this by picking out the best images and organizing them in a timeline-like

view of your pictures with maps of where you were. The finished story appears in the

Collections tab of the app. You can also curate your own stories and create albums that

appear in a grid-like layout.


If you’ve been looking for a feature-packed photo storage app, or even if you haven’t, try

Google Photos. At the very least it’s a great way to store all your smartphone photos but

if you spend a little bit of time getting to know your way around the app, you can get a lot

more out of it.


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