Get Realistic Fitness and Eating Recommendations with MyBehavior

Get Realistic Fitness and Eating Recommendations with MyBehavior

MyBehavior App

Android | Coming Soon!

Fitness apps and trackers have been around for several years and many have found them helpful in their quest for improved fitness and nutrition. The challenge these trackers and apps present is that they tend to overwhelm users with data while neglecting to provide actionable recommendations. MyBehavior, a new Android app coming in September, is working to solve this problem by learning a user’s habits and recommending incremental changes.


If you have a fitness tracker, smartwatch, or use a combination of apps on your phone you’re likely overwhelmed by data about the number of steps you take, the calories you burn, and the calories you consume. All this data is useful if you know how to interpret the information to make the right changes, or at least ones you can stick to, to improve your overall health. If you’re not too sure how to interpret the data or are prone to trying to make big unsustainable changes, all this information might not turn out to be that useful.


MyBehavior, being developed by researchers at Cornell University and Michigan State University, is an app that tracks your routine and recommends logical changes. The app tracks and records your daily activity by using your phone’s accelerometer. It also allows you to log food by taking photos of what you’re eating and uploading the pictures to the MyBehavior server where it’s labeled and its calories are recorded.


Using all the information it tracks over time, MyBehavior suggests ways to improve your overall health. For example, if you’ve been relying on fast food for a few days, it might suggest a meal that it has learned you like but is a bit healthier. Alternatively, if it has learned that you walk to work sometimes, it might recommend that you do that more frequently and tell you how many calories you’ll burn if you make the change.


While testing MyBehavior with 16 people over 14 weeks, the researchers behind this app found that people at 150 fewer calories per day and burned 45 more, resulting in a savings of 1,365 calories in a week.


If you’ve found that the fitness trackers and apps currently available aren’t quite doing the trick, MyBehavior might be just the thing to help you improve your health. The app is still under development and is scheduled to be released for Android phones in September.


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