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App of the week – First Aid

App of the week – First Aid

Be Prepared for a Medical Emergency with First Aid App

First Aid by the Canadian Red Cross

In a 2013 poll conducted by the Canadian Red Cross, 40 percent of Canadians had been

in an emergency where they needed to use first aid but only half of Canadians felt

confident that they would know what to do. When you look at the stats, it’s scary to think

how few of us would be prepared to deal with an emergency situation where a few

minutes of CPR could make the difference between life and death. With these statistics in

mind, the Canadian Red Cross created an app designed to help people learn about and

deal with emergencies from severe bleeding to heart attack.


First Aid by the Canadian Red Cross is an easy to use app that can help you learn about

common emergencies requiring first aid. It also provides clear step-by-step instructions

detailing how to handle a range of emergencies, should you find yourself in an

emergency situation. If you’ve taken a first aid course in the past, this app is an easy way

to brush up on the skills you already have. There are even some tests within the app to

help you solidify your knowledge. Where this app really shines though, is in providing

clear and concise instructions that even someone without first aid training can follow.


In addition to information about emergencies and instructions on how to handle them, the

First Aid app provides you with a range of guides to help you prepare for emergencies

such as earthquakes, fires, and severe weather. Each of the preparedness guides provides

you with a “Before” and “During” checklist and links to any related first aid guides—for

instance, the Fire guide links to the first aid guide for burns.


Despite having a wealth of information on common medical emergencies, first aid, and

emergency preparedness, the First Aid app has a clean and easy to navigate. Tabs along

the bottom help you navigate through the Learn, Prepare, Emergency, and Tests sections

quickly. If you truly find yourself in an emergency situation, finding the information you

need should simple. Just remember that the recommendations you get from this app are

meant to handle the immediate emergency—you should still seek medical attention or

call an ambulance depending on the severity of the injury.


Android, iPhone | Free

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