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App Of The Week – Belly

App Of The Week – Belly

Belly 2

Belly: A Universal Loyalty Program App

We’ve all got them: the individual loyalty apps and punch cards for coffee shops and fast food restaurants. That’s a lot to keep track of and a lot of clutter in our wallets and phones but the Belly app may help to consolidate all that while enabling more businesses to offer loyalty programs that we can all enjoy. The Belly app puts your loyalty card right on your phone. You can also get a physical card at participating businesses. Using the Belly, you can find participating businesses right through the app’s “Nearby Places” feature. When you visit a participating business, you simply load the app and scan the QR code on the screen using the Belly tablet at the till. Scanning your Belly app every time you visit your favourite businesses will earn you unique rewards.


Depending on the city you’re in, there may be just a few participating businesses or quite a few. For example, Vancouver has over 100 participating businesses. Regardless, the list of participating businesses is growing making it a good time to get on board.


iOS, Android | Free


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