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Throwback Thursday – The BBM Days

Throwback Thursday – The BBM Days

Throwback Thursday – The BBM Days

There once was a time before WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Kick when BBM ruled the mobile world. Do you remember that novelty of being able to tell if someone was ignoring you, writing to you, or when you could tell they just weren’t sure what to say? Back in the day, you were part of an exclusive PIN club, and no one was even talking Android.

Throwback to CES 2014, Andy chatted to Blackberry as it was releasing BBM across iOS and Android. At the time, it was an attempt to keep Blackberry relevant. Now, we live in a world where WhatsApp’s been bought for 22 million with 600 million users globally and BBM’s hanging on with 91 million.

Do you miss the days of BBM? What’s your favourite messaging platform today and why?

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