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Beat the Mid Week Blues With Sleep Tech Gadgets

Beat the Mid Week Blues With Sleep Tech Gadgets

Beat the Mid-week Blues With Sleep Tech Gadgets

Wednesday is arguably the hardest day of the week to get through so prep for it tonight! The weekend is in sight, but not close enough. If you find yourself running out of steam by the time Hump Day rolls around, you might need to look at your sleeping habits! If waking up in the morning seems impossible, technology might be the answer. Grab your PJs and check out these suggestions from Andy.

The goLITE BLU is a neat little product that use blue wave technology to simulate the same blue light that fills up a clear summer sky. It’s great to use during the winter, or if you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. It only needs to be used for 30-45 mins a day and can give you a quick recharge in the afternoon instead of grabbing a cup of coffee. It also helps with jet lag, so you can retrain your body to adjust to your current timezone.

Price: $150

If you’re sick of using an annoying alarm to wake you up in the morning, check out a more relaxing option with the Philips Wake Up Light. It uses different types of light to simulate the rising sun and has a lovely soundtrack calming wake up sounds including chirping birds. The “sunrise” takes about 30 mins and has an adjustable intensity if you want to wake up faster.

Price: $80

If you find yourself hitting the snooze button 5 times before you get out of bed, there’s an app that will make sure you’re alert as soon as your alarm goes off. It takes more than just a swipe to disable the Freaky Alarm and it keeps blasting loud, annoying sounds until you complete a series of games or puzzles. If you think you can handle the challenge, it’s available for iOS in the App Store.

Price: $1.99

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