Windows 7 Release Oct 22

I will be sitting in for Connected Life’s Bradley Shende on Global BC’s morning news hour with Lynn Colliar and Steve Darling to talk about the much anticipated release of Windows 7.

Tune in at 8:40am to watch the segment. Otherwise, check back here later in the day and we’ll post the link for you to watch online.

To check out Bradley’s last segment click here.


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  1. Helen
    Helen 24 October, 2009, 12:47

    Hi, I watched the Global BC segment on Oct. 22 and I think you mentioned a product or way of recording onto my laptop. I’m considering getting a PVR with my satellite provider but may not be with them for ever and it’s $400.00. I only have a couple of shows I would like to record. Is there a way I can watch these shows on my laptop? I’m really not very up on computer or gadget stuff. I guess there is also a way of downloading the shows onto my laptop? Thanks for any suggestions. helen.

  2. techlinz
    techlinz 24 October, 2009, 13:45

    Hi Helen – While Windows 7 is making watching tv and movies on your computer more accessible, it’s still a bit complicated to set up. You’ll need a tv tuner and will have to install it if your computer doesn’t already have one. The process and complexity of installing it will depend on the computer you have. There are online videos that can work you through this.

    An alternative is to buy Nero’s Liquid TV from London Drugs or Best Buy. It’s less than $200 for the hardware which includes 1 yr subscription. It’s $99 per year after that for the tv subscription. Or you could also check out the slingbox. The hardware is more expensive but there’s no subscription once you have it. Hope this helps 🙂

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