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Two Tech Solutions for the New Wallet

Two Tech Solutions for the New Wallet

With the impending onslaught of Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other services to Canada, you might be feeling some pressure from the tech industry to get rid of your plastic. You can keep your plastic and utilize some clever tech, however…and you can go all-out with digital payments and have some secure peace of mind as well.  At CES 2015, there were many companies with innovative payment solutions and these are two of our favourites.

Wocket Wallet 


One of the coolest things at CES 2015 is this innovative solution from Wocket Wallet. You program your cards into this little device, press which card’s information you want to embed onto the card, and presto kazinga…the card carries all the swiping information of whatever card you want. With one of these, your pockets will be spared from holding all those credit cards, and you have a cool gadget to control it all!

One thing Wocket could consider is having chip technology on their cards, but the stripe is still accepted as payment virtually everywhere.


Meanwhile, if you are keen on using your phone for payments but are worried about security, Hyprkey is perfect for keeping your financial information under your control. Have a look at the video, it’s simple and clever.

So if you’re feeling left out of the cool tech by not wanting to set your finances up on your smartphone, or if you’re worried about security, companies like Wocket and Hyprkey are worth checking out.

Are you planning on moving away from carrying credit cards and using some of this awesome tech instead? Let us know in the comments.

Wocket Smart Wallet ($149.99 US), more info at

Hyprkey HYPR-3 ($20 US), more info at


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