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Zepp Golf Analyzer

Zepp Golf Analyzer

Track, analyze, improve, repeat

Golf is a sport of precision. When practicing, golfers have to deal with so many variables that they can’t change such as wind speed, wind direction and the angle of the ground. It’s not always easy to make sure you adapt your swing to these conditions. Zepp Golf Analyzer is a small wearable tech device that can be leveraged by both professionals and amateurs. You simply attach the sensor to the back of your golf glove and go for your best swing. The Zepp Golf Analyzer will measure your performance and save the metrics. You’ll be able to transfer the datas to the set app and get a 3D animation of your swing! It compares your last moves with the previous one and you can track the improvement. The app allows you to share the data with friends and even with professional. The Zepp Golf Analyzer is not limited to Golf but can also be used while playing baseball and tennis.

Price: $ 149.99

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