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Film Like a Pro Underwater

Film Like a Pro Underwater

Season 14 Episode 9

GetConnected has lots of cool accessories to show you on this episode! From mobile filming to underwater phone covers, we’re bringing you the latest and best tech out there.

1:13- We all want to save money on flights. Tasia has two travel apps to help you land your cheap flight.

3:17- GetConnected LIVES for the Consumer Electronics Show. We bring a studio-ready camera, but we’re also going to try mobile filming with our smartphones. Andy has some tools to help with mobile filming.

7:51- Want to simplify your entertainment life? Get a great universal remote. AJ shows you his top choice.

10:41- :Love Android, but not sure which you want? Mike and Tasia talk about Samsung Galaxy S4 vs the HTC One.

14:06- Do you have software to keep your phone safe and secure? That’s okay, AJ’s got you covered with the best options out there.

15:54- If you live an active lifestyle, you might be concerned about your gadgets longevity. Andy has some accessories built to protect your tech. Nothing like dunking a smartphone into water to see if an accessory is worth the hype.

Tune in next time for more cool tech and gadget news!

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