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Ride and review with SportRFID tech

Ride and review with SportRFID tech

Capture, review and share

When you’re snowboarding or practicing any sport, capturing your moves on video can be a serious asset! First of all you can watch it after executing and spot your mistakes to improve your performance. It also allows your friends, family or sponsors to find your performance, watch it, download it and share it.

SportRFID uses RFID technology, sensors and cameras to improve sport videos. RFID allowed them to create a system that automatically identifies users and captures their rides. Each participant who wants to record his/her performance wears a unique RFID tag. Sensors and several HD cameras are strategically positioned to capture a riders performance via different angles and recognize them when they pass. Videos are instantly uploaded and available on the SportRFID platform. The web page stores all the recordings and makes them very easy to find.

Would you want SportRFID on your favourite mountain? Tell us in the comments!



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