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HTC One M9

HTC One M9

Another Titan on smartphones market

Andy Baryer is back with another one his famous reviews! This time for the HTC One M9. Smartphone makers all seem to be racing to get the latest and greatest model of their phones out every year and despite all the iPhone hype, the HTC One M9 is a phone Andy and the GetConnected crew love! This great 5 inch device has a beautiful thin design and a micro SD card port built-in. Its speakers are probably some of the best ones on the market today and release a loud high quality stereo sound. If you love taking photos you’ll probably love HTC One M9. Its 20mp camera is scratch resistant to make sure you’ll always get the best result and the quality of its front facing camera is also one of the best currently on the market. One of the most interesting feature is HTC Sense Home widget, it allows you to organize your productivity and leisure apps depending on if you’re home,or on the go at work! Finally it’s very easy to migrate your data from any device to this one for an easy transition.

Average price: $700

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