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Global TV TechTalk April 15, 2015

Global TV TechTalk April 15, 2015

What’s new on Global TV?

Mike brought four new gadgets on April 15th Global Tech Talk stage. The first one is a prototype of ODii a very cool grab-it gadget currently raising founds on Kickstarter. It’s very helpful if you lost your keys under car seats for example, because its long and thin design allows you to access places your hand can’t. This gadget comes with a powerful telescopic magnet and a detachable lamp for more efficiency. The second technology introduced in this week’s TechTalk is Roku 3. It’s a streaming box that allows you to watch internet TV including a remote control you can plug headphones in and that can act like a motion controller for gamers. A good alternative to Apple TV. Then find out the new version of Raspberry Pi a credit card size computer using to teach young people to program and have a better understanding of how computers work. It’s powered by a USB charger and uses SD card for memory. Finally look out the Hub-it docking station that allows you to plug and fast charge several devices such as new and older iPhones, micro USB, USB at the same time.



Roku 3: $99.99

Raspberry Pie 2: $35

Hub-it: $79.99

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