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Ecosystems, American TV, & Arcade Games

Ecosystems, American TV, & Arcade Games

Season 14 Episode 8

Today on GetConnected our hosts show you how to stream American television shows, fix a broken Home button on your iPhone, decide which tech ecosystem to choose and play old school arcade games. All in a days work at GetConnected.

1:15- “Sorry, this content is not available in your viewing area.” Don’t you hate that? Lucky Americans. Never fear! Tasia has some workarounds so you can stream all that awesome tv.

2:58- You can spot a geek by her gadgets. Graham points out the notable office tech to identify your neighborhood nerd.

6:03- Unresponsive Home button on your iPhone or iPad and don’t want to take it to the Genius Bar? That’s okay, Mike will show you how to get around a broken button.

7:41- Wondering which operating ecosystem you need? Tasia and Andy go point-by-point through the Google, Apple, Windows and Blackberry ecosystems.

15:14- Did you grow up in game arcades? Revel in nostalgia with Mike and AJ as they play the X-Arcade.

Tune in next time for more cools tech and gadget news!

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