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App of the Week – Be my Eyes

App of the Week – Be my Eyes




Be My Eyes

Lend Your Eyes to a Blind Person with Be My Eyes

A new app, released in January, allows sighted users to help individuals with visual

impairment using their iPhone’ camera. Be My Eyes connects users with visual

impairments with sighted volunteers through video chat sessions that allow the

sighted person to answer questions about the visually impaired person’s



While we’ve made progress in making things more accessible for the visually

impaired, we still have a long way to go. Imagine being visually impaired and having

to complete everyday tasks like checking the expiry date on the carton of milk.

Seems like it might be tricky, doesn’t it? Enter Be My Eyes. With this app, a visually

impaired user can make a request for assistance. A sighted volunteer will receive a

notification and can accept the request to establish a video connection. Using live

video, the sighted person can lend their eyes to answer questions about the visually

impaired person’s surroundings—like telling them the expiry date on that carton of

milk in the fridge.


The app is automatically set to only allow calls to volunteers between 7am and

10pm in their time zone, so they won’t be disturbed throughout the night. The team

at Be My Eyes is working on functionality that will allow volunteers to personalize

these times to fit their individual schedules. They’re also working on an Android

version of the app.


The idea for Be My Eyes came from Hans Jørgen Wiberg, a Danish man who is

visually impaired himself. His idea to build an online community to connect visually

impaired individuals with sighted volunteers who could help them with everyday

tasks has resulted in a community of over 17,000 visually impaired users and,

impressively, over 200,000 volunteers.


iOS | Free

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