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Aluminyze your walls

Aluminyze your walls

Brighten up your photos!

Before digital cameras arrived on the market people were very careful with what they captured not to waste takes. Today we are able to take millions of photos and store them on the cloud giving us infinite possibilities! But most of the time we don’t do anything but store, printing photos has become a thing of the past. Aluminyze’s innovative idea might be enough to make you reconsider printing! Aluminyze is a website that allows you to upload your favourite photos and infuse them into a sheet of  aluminium. The end result is amazing! On top of that it is waterproof and UV resistant, which will give more longevity to your photos. You can order different sizes and shapes for different uses such as small magnets for your fridge or a smartphone case. Bonus- no frame needed so just put them straight up on the wall!

Create your own and Aluminyze your room!

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