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Tech For Seniors – GlobalTV Tech Talk

Tech For Seniors – GlobalTV Tech Talk

Today’s Tech Talk segment on GlobalTV features tech items for senior citizens. Technology can be intimidating for the older folk in our lives, but these items make it easy for Grandma or Grandpa to transition into the using tech, and in turn, make it easier to stay in touch.


Claris Companion

Starting at: $99

Claris-Companion-Features-Check-in1The Claris Companion is a great tool for seniors to keep in touch with family, be notified of important dates or when to take medication. Visually you will notice it doesn’t really resemble your typical tablet or computer with its bamboo frame. The interface is designed to accommodate the typical challenges most elders face — sight issues, hearing loss, and dexterity problems. The large buttons on the touch screen make it easy to use.

One of the nice features of the Companion is that it will text you if anything seems out of the ordinary, such as a missed medication reminder or check in.

Click on the photo to learn more about the Claris Companion from their website.


Clarity Ensemble

Average price: $99

ImageThe Clarity Ensemble is an amplified home phone for seniors. The phone features a large 7-inch touch screen that displays a transcript if your conversation in real time so you never miss what is said (WiFi required) — especially useful for those with hearing issues. Hearing shouldn’t be an issue with this phone though; it has the capability of amplifying up to 50db and uses the same technology as high-end hearing aids.

Click the image to learn about all the features the Ensemble has to offer.

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