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Smartphone Accessories – GlobalTV Tech Talk

Smartphone Accessories – GlobalTV Tech Talk

Smartphones are just smartphones without accessories.  Not only can they add to the appearance of your phone, but they can also be useful.  Today on GlobalTV’s Tech Talk, Mike checked out a few cool smartphone accessories. Below are the items he talked about:


Phonesoap Charger

Average price: $60
white-open-lightYou wouldn’t think it, but your phone is disgustingly filthy! Think about it — doorknobs, handshakes, bathrooms, transit — everything you touch ends up on your phone. Well a company called Phonesoap thought about it and has a full line of products to keep your phone clean. The Phonesoap charger is a cool device that sanitizes your phone while it charges. The device uses UV light to clean your phone so it is 100% safe during the process. It comes with a micro USB cord, but you can remove that and use your iPhone cable if needed, so it works with all phones.

Click on the photo to learn more about Phonesoap products including this one.



LG G Watch

Average price: $250

unnamedIf your phone is running Android 4.3 or higher and you are looking for a smart watch, then the G Watch from LG might be just what you need. The watch never sleeps, so you can check the time or other news updates instantly without touching it. The battery life will go all day on a single charge as well, so you don’t have to worry about it dying half way through the day. One really cool feature is you can ask the watch a question like, ‘Ok Google, what time is my appointment with Dave today?’ — the watch will let you know based on your phone’s appointment calendar.  You can also tell the phone to send a text message, set a reminder or take notes.

Click on the image to learn more about the cool features of LG’s G Watch.


Samsung Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch

Average price: $350

ca_SM-V7000ZKAXAC_005_Dynamic_blackAnother great smartwatch on the market is the Samsung Galaxy Gear S smartwatch. At a slightly higher price-point than the LG G watch, it comes with some great features for the extra cost. One such feature is the ability to answer or make phone calls quickly using the watch — James Bond style. The Gear S also has a built in camera, which is a nice feature for taking quick snapshots when you don’t have time to grab your phone or if you’ve left it at home. Aside from that, the Gear S works similar to the LG G in that you can send texts, take notes, set alarms and such.

Click on the phone to learn more about the watch and all it has to offer.

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