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Linksys’ Smart Wi-Fi enables parents to effectively  control internet usage within the home.  Rather than just cutting the kids off cold turkey, this router (with complimentary smartphone app) allows parents to safely monitor online behaviour more easily. For starters, parents can block  certain devices at specific times. Are you tired of the hassle of arguing with your kids to get off Facebook or Minecraft after 8pm? Take away the pain by either blocking their devices from Internet altogether during certain times of the day or just blocking certain websites. So if your child is allowed an hour of Facebook after dinner, you can provide it within those bounds and it will automatically restrict access again at the end of that time period. Gone are the days when parents wondered about what their children were up to, its about time parents take control of the digital age.

Third-party apps

[two_third]Third-party apps designed to work with the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi system allow for even more control. Two such apps are “Netproofer” and “Block the Bad Stuff.” With Netproofer, for instance, you get access to the same functionality as Linksys Smart Wi-Fi but also the ability to be notified when a certain device or service is accessed on your network. That way you can make sure your kid is doing homework, and not playing Xbox. Farewell Grand Theft Auto, hello calculus equations.[/two_third]

“Make sure your kid is doing homework, and not playing Xbox.”


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Prioritization Settings

The device prioritization settings are especially useful for families with many different devices connected to the internet. It allows you to specify that certain devices, or services, will get a larger share of internet access. For example, if you have a work computer and you don’t want your work tasks slowed down by the online gaming your kid is doing, you can give your own device a higher priority and it will not lag as much. You work hard, you deserve the lion’s share of bandwith! This also works on a service basis – if you are downloading many files from iTunes and watching something on Netflix at the same time, you have the option of giving priority to Netflix. Your downloads will be slower but your streaming would be less interrupted.

“The Linksys WUMC710 and EA6500 is a winning combination to give parents a piece of mind. In today’s cyber world, there is no shortage of dangers for vulnerable children. Cisco has put together a great system that ensures safety and performance,” says Chris Jensen of Cisco Canada.

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  1. Ersin
    Ersin 7 June, 2013, 23:38

    Failed to run the installation CD. My wired PC is old and rnuning windows XP. The Cisco connect software does not support the operating system and I don’t want to upgrade it now. I have a laptop which is rnuning on Windows 7 but I want it wireless and not wired to the router. I just got E2000 from my friend who was using it and upgraded to a new one. I want to use guest access also. Can I install the Cisco software on the laptop and then use it wireless? I got this model because it has Guest network but if I can’t use it then it is of no use for me. I read that I can not use Guest feature without installing Cisco software. What are my options.

  2. Mohamed
    Mohamed 9 June, 2013, 23:01

    Cascading is not simple. If you make a miatske with LAN to WAN or LAN-LAn settings, you will not be able to access Internet from the second router. The video is really good.

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