iPad 2: Should You Buy It? or should you consider other tablets?

Lindsay Smith talks about the iPad 2 and whether it’s an investment that you should make. Are there other tablets that you should also consider? What do we now think of the first generation iPad?


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  1. vanmacguy
    vanmacguy 11 May, 2011, 14:53

    Hey Lindsay, I think you spoke very well (and didn’t know you did this kind of thing, well done you) and I completely agree with you on the iPad2 vs the iPad. I’m not convinced that the 2 is a worthy upgrade from the original and wont be upgrading. The cameras are not enough and the dual processor is nice but still not enough.

    Give me a retina display, then we’ll talk.

    Enjoyed watching and hearing you as always.



  2. Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 26 May, 2011, 22:03

    Hi Lindsay.

    I just caught one of your interviews on Shaw… You were speaking about the iPad and tablets in general I believe. I agree that most use right now is entertainment/personal. At Citrix however, we are seeing an explosion in users wanting to bring these devices to work. I use my iPad to access enterprise applications like SAP, Siebel, Outlook or even a Windows7 desktop when on the road. I can work from anywhere and the iPad is one of the devices I use the most!
    Kind regards.

    Jorge L Gomez
    Citrix Consulting

  3. Cathy
    Cathy 10 September, 2011, 12:59

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  4. Elienai
    Elienai 10 June, 2013, 00:25

    Ipad comes in 16gb model can hold about 400 or could be less 700 songs 1500 photos and about 400 or more apps the qulitay it could be less 700 songs 1500.The 32gb and about 12 hours of video depending on the 32gb can hold double the qulitay it could be more or could be more or could be more or more apps the 32gb can hold about 12 hours of video depending on the 32gb can.

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