Social Search & Android vs. iPhone

Lindsay Smith talks with Global BC’s Aaron McArthur about how online social circles impact the results that search engines provide. They also touch on Android vs. iPhone.
If you’re interested in more information on Android & iPhone, see:

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  1. Michelle Adamick
    Michelle Adamick 24 January, 2012, 11:31

    Hi Lindsay!

    I hope you are well. Have you heard of this iPhone app that is similar to whatsapp and viber but it brings in all of your contact’s media platforms that they have, and are currently using so when you go to call them it selects the one they are currently on, such as facebook chat, google chat, whatsapp, viber, skype etc… and it connects you directly? Someone told me about it but I haven’t been able to find it.

    Love your work! I just checked out your website today.

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