Galaxy Note Edge By Samsung – First Look

Galaxy Note Edge By Samsung – First Look

With the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note Edge, they’ve proven that they  aren’t afraid to try new things. Their throw-every-idea-at-the-consumer style isn’t for everyone, but every day they seem to be converting more people into loyal fans. We all chuckled back when the Galaxy Note first came out( But Samsung, we concede that you had the last laugh, the Note line is a smash and just happens to currently be GetConnected host, Lindsay‘s favorite phone. So what ‘s next for the Note? How about a curved corner, that’s a separate interactive widget of sorts? This might sound like Samsung are drinking the crazy juice again, but don’t bet against this catching on.

We had an exclusive first look before the Galaxy Note Edge hits shelves here in Canada, and we were impressed.  New features like the left hand compatibility and built in ruler, other neat tricks might surprise you. Watch the video and let us know.

Is this a gadget gimmick or the next best thing to hit the market?

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