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App of the week – WiFiMapper

Find Free WiFi Anywhere with WiFiMapper   If you’ve found yourself going over on your data plan you already know that it’s beneficial to find WiFi whenever possible. With email constantly flooding your inbox and many apps detecting your location

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Web dev VS mobile dev – CKNW Radio Show

Development as job has really taken off in the last decade. Fast changing technologies and new demand led to the multiplication of new career opportunities. Mobile app development resulted from the rapid adoption of the smartphones and the accessibility of the web.

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Openmedia – CKNW Radio Show

Openmedia is tomorrow’s guest on our CKNW Radio show to talk about the controversial Bill C-51! What is Bill C-51? It’s the anti-terrorism legislation introduced by the Conservative Party. It authorizes, among other things the disclosure of information throughout and within the

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Lighthouse Labs – CKNW Radio Show

Today internet users amount to more than 3 billion in 2015, that’s more than a third of the global population! In 1991 there was only one website online and then it grew exponentially reaching a billion in 2014. Web development has quickly

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App Of The Week – Belly

Belly: A Universal Loyalty Program App We’ve all got them: the individual loyalty apps and punch cards for coffee shops and fast food restaurants. That’s a lot to keep track of and a lot of clutter in our wallets and

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Blackberry, Netflix & Canada Day Apps

As usual, I’m your host Mike Agerbo and I’m joined by Andy Baryer, Tasia Custode, and Graham Williams. Together we talk about the latest in tech and take your calls. BlackBerry Losing Out – Blackberry releases quarterly results and misses target sales for new BB10 phones.

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