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K-Board USB MIDI Mini Keyboard

Become the new Youtube star with music tech! If you’re into music tech as much as Andy you’ll be excited about this gadget. Music production is now within everybody’s reach and today a plethora of products and softwares exist. It’s easy

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Tile – Stop the search for lost items

Check where your key’s been seen last time There’s some people in the world who always seem to be losing their phone, keys or wallet on a regular basis. Organization can be a serious problem for some. There are many

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Sony SRS-X11 Ultra-Portable Speaker

Get a full stereo music in your room! It’s difficult bluetooth speakers to distinguish themselves on the market as they’ve become so common. There are so many different models on the market that are waterproof, wireless, shock resistant to name

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Unlock your Android phone

Get more freedom for less than $20! You know the feeling when you are fed-up with your plan, but can’t make the switch because your phone is locked? Forced loyalty! Or you are travelling abroad and need to use your phone with

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Jump-start your car with Bracketron Road Boost XL

A powerful battery always at your fingertips! An empty car battery used to leave us helpless, but backup power devices solve the problem without needing to rely on a boost. Mike and AJ introduce you to Bracketron Road Boost XL,

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HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Compare Apple and HTC technologies and jump over the gap! If you’re having trouble deciding to make the move from Apple over to Android, Andy and Lindsay take the iPhone 6 Plus head to head against the HTC One M9,

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Bracketron – Swing N Click Kit

Capture and review your swing! GetConnected introduced you to several great sensors you can use while playing golf. It would be a shame not to capture your improved performance! Sometimes to get the perfect swing you just need to see

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Parrot Flower Power

The perfect companion for the constant gardener! April showers should bring May flowers, so to prepare yourself for gardening season with this handy piece of tech. The Flower Power by Parrot is a Bluetooth sensor that monitors your plants environment

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Laptop & Microphone – Global TV TechTalk April 29, 2015

What’s new on Global TV? Today, we have come to expect portability and convenience.  Some people still need large high quality screens. Gamers for example will love the Acer Aspire V17 Nitro. The resolution of its 17.3 inch screen and

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Baby Tech – Global TV TechTalk April 22, 2015

What’s new on Global TV? As a new parent, AJ is an expert at the latest in baby tech. He knows better than anyone that between 0 and 6 months parents are constantly worrying about their new born. To help

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