Computer Buying Guide

Computer Buying Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, many people are thinking about gift giving. If you’re thinking about buying your special someone a new computer, you might want to take a look at this PC buying guide that Staples and Best Buy have just launched. It’s created by Intel (so you won’t get any computers with the NVIDIA chips).

This quick tutorial helps steer you in the right direction of what computer to buy either as a gift or for yourself. Since I get so many people asking me for advice on what computer to buy, I thought my readers might appreciate this tool 🙂

My only complaint is that it doesn’t help you choose between a PC and a Macbook. I think this is one of the major questions people ask themselves today, especially with the growing popularity of the iPhone. In terms of hardware, macs have had a better reputation over the years; however from personal experience, I would say that my DELL and HP laptops have been more durable than the macbook I currently own (now 2 yrs old). In terms of software and the operating system however, I’ve find the Apple operating system – OSX (I’m running Snow Leopard) to be much more user friendly. I was a devout PC and windows user for over 10 years before I made the switch and I’ve never looked back. Windows 7 has made some significant improvement to the windows OS; however it still doesn’t measure up in my humble opinion 😉

It really comes down to personal preference. If you (or the user you’re buying for) currently own a PC running windows XP or Vista and you’re happy with it, then you’ll be delighted with a new PC running Windows 7. In that case, take the tutorial to get a good selection of computers that will be the right fit for you. If however, you’ve had an itch to try out a macbook and you’re feeling like taking a plunge I don’t think you’d be disappointed with the switch. For those that are unsure, you can always run Parallels or Bootcamp in order continue working on a Windows operating system from your macbook. This is what I did for over a year…until I was brave enough to make a complete switch.

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