Virgin Galactic: Consumer Space travel in our lifetime

Put on your astro-orbit space helmet…we’re going into space! Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic are making space travel possible for everyday people like us. How friggin amazing is that?!

The price is not cheap: $20K(US) deposit and an overall ticket price of $200k. The experience, though, would be priceless. Using Virgin’s Galactic Vehicles (which look like 2 futuristic planes with their wings fused together), you’ll travel 50,000ft into the sky where the earth’s atmosphere is less dense. From there, your “rocket” vessel will launch into space at 2500mph – 3 times the speed of sound – while you’re pinned to the back of your seat. When you arrive in earth’s orbit, you’ll experience 0 gravity, unimaginable quiet, and an explicable view that will take your breath away. This out of the world journey will be shared with 6 other passengers and two pilots.

The Space Centre is in New Mexico and looks like nothing I’ve seen before…


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