New Apple iPad – Coming April 2010

Steve Jobs unveiled the new apple iPad today at an event in San Francisco. Referred to as a universal entertainment device, the iPad features a 9.7 inch touch screen and is only a half inch thick. It is the ideal hybrid between the iphone and a netbook.

Many apple fans are speculating this will revolutionize the computer industry and have the same mass affect that ipods had to MP3 players.

Because of it’s portability, it will be ideal for movies, gaming, email, video conferencing, ebooks, music, email and browsing on the go.

The wi-fi models start at $500 for a 16GB version and go up to $700 for 60GB models. The 3G Models (7.2Mbps HSDPA) will be sold with an unlocked micro sim card. $630 for 16GB version, $730 for 32GB, and $830 for 64GB.

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  1. Luanna Polizzi
    Luanna Polizzi 28 January, 2010, 23:49

    Lots of of bloggers aren’t very happy with this new iPad.There was just 2 much hoopla about it and alot blogers got turned off.You see, I actually see lots of the awesome potential uses of the device. Third-party apps for playing music, games, papers and magazine and FFS books, tons of neat stuff, but they failed to sell it right (aside from the books). It looks kind of incomplete

    • Ram
      Ram 20 March, 2013, 14:36

      So I got mine 2 weeks ago and am using it to this day.Cons: It is hard to get rid of oil smudges, very vuealrnble to nail marks and it does not go away. They say there is no orange peel effect but there is when your not focusing your eyes on the screen.

  2. techlinz
    techlinz 29 January, 2010, 05:38

    thanks for the comments Luanna. I’m personally really excited about the iPad, mostly because I see it being a great tool for my sales team and for events. I think Apple was right when they said timing is right for it. the concept of a tablet is not new, but people are ready for a cohesive unit for portability and function, IMHO.

  3. handy news
    handy news 20 February, 2010, 01:17

    I don’t think the Ipad will be as successfull as the iphone, as it is not as knew and revolutionary.

  4. Bryce Lisle
    Bryce Lisle 6 April, 2010, 06:38

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