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Turn Your Phone into a Portable Scanner

Turn Your Phone into a Portable Scanner

iOS Android AppTurn Your Mobile Device Into A Portable Scanner with TinyScan
TinyScan is an app with big functionality. Basically, this app turns your mobile device into a portable scanner, allowing you to scan documents to PDFs. It works using your device’s camera to snap a scan of the document. This can come in handy if you tend to carry around a wad of receipts that you need to keep for your records. Simply snap a scan of receipts as you receive them and store or email them in soft copy. If you’re storing hard copies of receipts for tax and expense purposes, this app will help you simplify and de-clutter.

TinyScan automatically detects the edges of your document; so you get a perfect scan every time. You can scan in black and colour, black and white, or grayscale. It also lets you batch multiple scans into a single PDF. If you store a lot of scans and find that it can get unruly and disorganized on your device, this app allows you to organize your scans into folders or send them to cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Box.

TinyScan does such a great job at scanning your documents and offers so many great features that it can pretty much replace your home scanner.

iOS | Free for Basic, $5.79 for Pro
Android | Free for Basic, $5.49 for Pro

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