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Tech Accessories for the Office – Global TV TechTalk June 10, 2015

Tech Accessories for the Office – Global TV TechTalk June 10, 2015

Logitech MX Anywhere 2


Even though laptops are getting really common, there are still professions such as graphic designers that require precision and the trackpad is not exactly the best tool for accurate work. On top of that we are generally still accustomed to desktop computers at the office, that’s why having a quality compact mouse can make work just that little bit more enjoyable. The wireless Logitech MX Anywhere 2 is a perfect mouse that pairs with up to 3 devices simultaneously and can easily switch between them.

Price: $79.99


Clear Sounds Quattro 4.0

ClearSounds QT4 and Mic cropped

Clear Sounds has developed a product called Quattro 4.0 System that helps people hear better in crowded spaces. It’s a bluetooth device that can connect with up to 5 different devices including your smartphone or your smart TV. For those who wear hearing aids, it helps to amplify the sound of your device and maximize the power & productivity of your hearing aids or cochlear implant. For those who don’t have use hearing aids, it comes with headphones that do the same job.

Price: $299.95


QH2 ClearSounds Bluetooth Hub & Phone Amplifier


The ClearSounds QH2 is an ideal handsfree solution for the office that allows you to take a call without holding the handset. It’s available for any type of phone and is very easy to use. You just need to disconnect the head piece from the base station, hook it up to the ClearSounds QH2 and plug your device to the phone. Press just one button and you are ready to pass the call through to your bluetooth headset for more flexibility.

Price: $229.95


VisionTek Charge & Sync USB 3.0 Seven Port Hub


Laptops and desktop computers are doomed to get more and more compact and most of the time manufacturers remove some USB ports to save space. The thing is we need them more than we think to plug in devices such as printers, external hard drives, a mouse, smartphones, digital cameras and many others. The VisionTek Charge & Sync USB 3.0 Seven Port Hub offers 7 extra USB ports with lightening fast data transfer and powerful charging.

Price: $54.99

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