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Tech Products to Get You in Shape – Global TV TechTalk July 08, 2015

Tech Products to Get You in Shape – Global TV TechTalk July 08, 2015

Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones


Wireless headphones are definitely the way to go for working out or sport activities – if you’re not worrying about getting tangled up in your headphone cord, you can focus more on what you’re doing. Not only are the Jabra Sport Pulse headphones comfortable while delivering awesome sound quality, they can also detect metrics like your heartbeat, speed, and distance travelled which are synced to a smartphone app. The data is also read out loud to you during your workout!

Price: $249.99


Jabra Sport Coach


Sport wireless headphones are convenient and performant but turning them into your coach is even better! Jabra Sport Coach allows you to plan your training, choose different exercises, select your level and based on that get a personalized in-ear audio coaching. Sync your data with Jabra Sport Life app and make sure your workout intensity is always adapted to you.

Price: $179


Mio Fuse Band

Do you remember those old devices built with an uncomfortable chest strap to detect your heart rate, speed and distance travelled? Thos days are definitely over. Mio Fuse is a wristband that captures your data and displays it on a curved touchscreen to help you reach your fitness goals. Get accurate results thanks to a performant technology and synch it to the Mio GO app.

Price: $169


Papago GoWatch 770


Since there is a craze to track our daily activities you’ll find more and more devices that offer personal training  for your workout. Papago GoWatch 770 is another of those smart products that makes it easier than ever before to detect your metrics and record them so you are in tune with how you’re doing.

Price: $160

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