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Tech Toys For Kids – GlobalTV Tech Talk

Tech Toys For Kids – GlobalTV Tech Talk

Christmas shopping for kids is generally the most fun you will have shopping this holiday season. With today’s technology combined with toys, you can’t help but find yourself spending a little extra time in the toy stores at the mall.  Today we checked out some really cool tech toys that are sure to bring smiles to the younger ones on Christmas day.  Our featured toy is the Nerf Combat Creatures Terradrone:


Nerf Combat Creatures Terradrone

Average price: $48

8C94020B50569047F510382B66FC35A1Nerf guns have been around for quite a while now, but with today’s technology we are seeing some creative products hitting the shelves. The Terradrone is one such product. Essentially it is a remote controlled battle drone that resembles a spider with a cannon on its back. The dart cannon is controllable via remote and can turn 360 degrees to fire darts in any direction. You can also adjust the blast angle of the cannon and hit targets up to 45 feet from the drone. If you do decide to pick this up for someone on your list, make sure you include a package of AA batteries as the drone requires 4, and the remote requires 2.

Nerf Cam ECS-12

Average price: $80

gunThe Cam ECS-12 is another cool product from Nerf. As the product name implies, there is a camera rigged up to this dart gun that allows you to film up to 100 minutes of video, or take 2,000 photos. This particular Nerf gun has really good range, allowing to hit targets up to 85 feet away. Once again, you will want to purchase some batteries to include with this if you are giving it as a gift.  Click on the product image to learn more.


Crayola iMarker

Average price: $30

gc38482-crayola-imarker-penThe HD iMarker from Crayola is a great gift idea for children who have iPads, or access to their parents’ iPad. Combined with the Crayola 360 app (free from iTunes), the iMarker turns you iPad into a full on digital coloring book. For more information, click the product photo.



Crayola Trace & Draw

Average price: $40

trace_draw-frontCrayola’s Trace & Draw is a product that requires an iPad or other tablet (see site for compatibility).  Basically how it works, is the Trace & Draw safely clips onto your tablet and holds paper in place. Used together with the free Trace & Draw app, it allows your children to learn how to draw, or create coloring-book pages. Click on the product photo for more information.

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