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Tech Stocking-Stuffer Gifts — GlobalTV Tech Talk

Tech Stocking-Stuffer Gifts — GlobalTV Tech Talk

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without stocking-stuffers. As much fun as socks and chocolates are, why not really impress the techies you love with one of these great gifts for their stockings.  All of which sit at or below the $35 price-point:


Zipbuds – Juiced 2.0 Glow

Average price: $25

2-glowThe Juiced 2.0 glowing ear-buds from Zipbuds have a couple of unique features that help them stand out from most other headphones. First off: they glow — perfect for jogging at night. The other stand-out feature is their zipper cable system.  Essentially they zip together to prevent tangling when you shove them in your pocket. The sound quality on these are surprisingly nice for the price. Click on the photo to check out more information on the Zipbuds.






Average price: $35

clq9pin-04_hrDo you or somebody you know find you are constantly forgetting your smartphone charger? It’s all happened to us — you’re in a hurry and you quickly grab your phone, leaving your expensive charger behind. With the ChargerLeash you are a lot less likely to forget your cable again. The cord is fitted with a smart alarm that senses when you disconnect your phone, at which point it sounds a visual and audible alarm to make sure you grab it. The cord comes with a variety of connections, so it works with most popular smartphone brands. Learn more about the ChargerLeash by clicking on the photo.




Logixx My Selfie Remote

Average price: $25

my_selfie_remote-2TStep your selfie game up with the Selfie Remote from Logixx. The remote pairs with both iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth from up to ten feet away — allowing you to snap pics of you and your friends (or just you), without standing in a mirror holding up your phone looking silly. The remote works without an app, and comes with a battery and phone stand included.  Learn more about the Selfie Remote by clicking on the photo.








NES30 Game Controller

Average price: $35

41bbcMYflYL._SX385_The gamers on your list will love this! The NES30 controller pairs with iOS, Android, and many other systems for classic game control via Bluetooth. You can also connect it to PC/MAC via USB to play emulator games. With battery life that lasts up to 20 hours, it’s the perfect accessory for road trips or every day transit. Nintendo fans will recognize its classic NES style, but notice that a few extra buttons have been added allowing you to play newer games that require more buttons. Check out the NES30 and all of its capabilities by clicking on the photo.



Joby GripTight Stand

Average price: $15

griptight-gorillapod-nokiaThe GripTight stand from Joby allows you to rig your smartphone up nearly anywhere for comfortable viewing. Perfect for watching Netflix or playing games on your phone. The multi-arm grip design gives you endless flexibility and configuration. It also comes in a variety of colours, and with its adjustable mount, it’ll fit nearly every phone. Click the photo to check out more information.

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