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Tech Gifts For Dad – GlobalTV Tech Talk

Tech Gifts For Dad – GlobalTV Tech Talk

Let’s face it, dads can be pretty tough to shop for. On this special Monday edition of GlobalTV’s Tech Talk, Andy Baryer shows you some great tech gift ideas for dad. Our featured gift is the iGrill 2.  Priced at $99.99, this is a gift that both your wallet and your dad will love:

iGrill 2

Average price: $99.99

iGrill2The iGrill 2 from iDevices is BBQ grilling technology at its finest! Using Bluetooth combined with highly sensitive meat probes, you can ensure your meat is grilled at exactly the right temperature for optimal dining.  Although only two probes are included in the box, you can purchase extras and connect up to four separate meat probes while grilling.  Using the iGrill 2 means you no longer have to stand over the BBQ carefully monitoring your food — with the app connected you will receive notifications when your food is ready from up to 150 feet away. The app also comes packed with exclusive recipes, timers, graphs, custom alarms, and even social sharing for the BBQ selfie fans out there.


Below are the other items we looked at on GlobalTV Tech Talk today.  Click the image-links to learn more about these gift ideas.


Avg. Price: $24.95

GasWatchThe GasWatch is another great BBQ accessory that dad (or any grilling enthusiasts on your list) will love. The GasWatch essentially monitors the remaining gas level in your tank, and outputs the remaining cook time in minutes.

CAT B15 Smartphone

Avg. Price: $350.00
CAT B15 SmartphoneWhether dad is an outdoors-man, or just plain ol’ clumsy, The B15 Smartphone from CAT makes a great gift. The phone features a rugged outer shell that can survive falls from up to 6 feet.  It’s also weather and dust resistant.







Power2U USB Power Outlet

Avg. Price: $30.00

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