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Sage 50 Accounting Software Review

Sage Screenshot

If you’re a small business owner there are a few non-negotiables that you need to have: strong branding, be good at what you do, and solid accounting… and out of those three, the first two are iffy. Solid accounting is the one thing that will make or break your business, and it’s amazing how many businesses don’t give it the attention it needs. Especially when it can be so easy.

Easy and accounting don’t usually go together, but with Sage 50—Canadian Edition, accounting doesn’t have to be a pain. Sage has focused on automating the repetitive, time consuming tasks that many business owners have trouble with, making them part of a quote-to-invoice-to-payment process that puts cash flow in your control.

It’s clear that Sage has been listening to users for the past 25 years, streamlining the interface and making it easier than ever to understand. By seamlessly importing contacts you can get right down to work, connecting with your customers or clients right through Sage’s software. There are also plenty of ways to personalize your Sage 50 experience; you can create the perfect look for your invoices, tailor the inventory or services that you can quote and bill for, and set up custom rates for preferred customers.

The real strength of Sage 50 comes from how it integrates into every step of the business process for you. You’ll start by creating a quote for one of your contacts; it’ll pull that information automatically, filling in relevant information like business name, address, and regional taxes if required. When your quote is approved, you can send it through as a job, setting up tasks and creating the opportunity to use time sheets. When the job is done you can file it as an invoice, helping you to get paid faster.

Sage 50—Canadian Edition is a powerful product on its own, but it’s extendable too, tying into other Sage services. This flexibility lets you customize how you use Sage 50, creating the perfect combination of products and services for your business.

We put Sage 50 through its paces in the GC lab, and were pleased with the experience. From installation through to job execution, it’s ready to handle the needs of small businesses across Canada. We’re giving it a GetConnected thumbs-up.

If you want to check it out yourself, Sage 50 has a 30-day free trial; the trial is a great way to check into the features we’ve talked about here, letting you know if it’s the right accounting software for you. You can learn more at

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