Track and Improve Emotional Wellbeing with Moodnotes

Track and Improve Emotional Wellbeing with Moodnotes

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen a slew of fitness and health apps designed to help us improve our physical wellbeing. However, aside from several guided meditation apps, the area of mental health and wellbeing has been underserved by app developers. A new app attempts to change this through journaling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Moodnotes is designed to help users journal and track their mood and develop healthier thinking habits. When you fire up the app it will start by asking you a simple question you answer, at times dishonestly, several times a day: “How are you?” To answer, you scroll through a series of faces ranging from very happy to very sad. You can stop there and save that information or dig a little deeper by describing what’s contributing to your mood and identifying what exactly you’re feeling. Once you’ve identified your feelings, Moodnotes will prompt you to consider whether you’ve fallen into common thinking traps. These thinking traps are common reactions to certain situations and tend to form patterns in your thinking. Finally, the app will ask you to try to reframe your thinking to break out of these patterns.

Moodnotes can be set to remind you to enter your mood on a regular basis. Out of the box, the app will prompt you to log your moods every other day but you can set it to do so more or less frequently and at a specific time. Provided you give it permission, the app will also log your location when you enter your mood.

If you simply use Moodnotes to enter your moods, it can track them over time and help you identify patterns. However, using the app to identify your feelings and thinking patterns over time is where you’ll get the most benefit as you practice reframing your thinking.

Moodnotes was developed in collaboration with two clinical psychologists who worked to keep the interface friendly and approachable while subtly getting you to consider your moods, thoughts, and feelings. While the app’s creators recommend it be used in combination with traditional therapy, it’s a great tool for those who aren’t able to take advantage of mental health services. The ability to track mood patterns using Moodtones also makes it a useful tool in identifying potential mental health issues, such as depression.

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