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Hero Mini Smartphone Speaker


Wearable Tech Review: Hero Mini Smartphone Speaker

Author: GetConnected Contributor

If you’re a fan of wearable technology, you’ll love the new Hero Mini. It’s a headband style speaker system that allows you to connect smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth to give you audio on the go.

For people who are always plugged in, this portable speaker system is idea for hanging out in small groups in public spaces where you want to listen to your favourite music or share a YouTube video without having to struggle with the volume.

The Hero Mini has a powerful set of dual speakers, which can blast music. It can easily set the mood in a small room, at a picnic, or a day at the beach. The device can be work around your neck while walking down the street. It is also designed to hold an iPhone or iPad Mini, so you can watch music videos or movies with friends without having to hold the device.

It’s also great in the conference room. With a built-in mic, it instantly transforms into a conference speaker phone.

It’s modern space-aged design really is suitable for wearable technology buffs who love geeking out.

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